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Since it was our turn to organise an LTTA, we resorted to the help of all the students who had been involved in the project up to that point.


We presented the event in our school and asked students if they could host foreign students during the event. We were lucky to find enough families willing to do that. We wish to thank our students who took on the role of host:


No. Host Name Class
1 Theofilopoulos Maria 12B
Grigore Ana-Maria 12 B
Pribagu Alexandra 11 H
Lecușanu Iuliana 11 E
Savin Ștefana 12B
Braga Denisa 11 B
Tiron Mihaela 11 C
Palade Cosmin 11 D
Teodorescu Ioana 11A
10  Lepădatu Mara 10 E
11  Cenușă Valentina 12B
12  Lupașcu Ștefan 12 C
13  Lupușoru Adriana 10 E
14  Dîrțu Irina 11 C
15  Giosa Paul 11 C
16  Bîrgoveanu Bianca 10 C
17  Savin Iustin 10H
18  Benedic Robert 11H
19  Asaftei Ioana 12 B
20  Pașcu Diana Florina 11 D


After that, we organised the team of students who were going to take part actively in the event, students who had already had contact with film-making during the project as well as new students, in order to make a new film on the topic "Gender differences", a topic which we established with the other partners during LTTA3.

The film was made by the following students:

1. Timaru Florin

2. Braga Denisa

3. Cretu Raluca

4. Theofilopoulos Maria

5. Benedic Robert

6. Grigore Ana-Maria

and other students who brought their own contribution. This is the result of their work - a film entitled "Find Yourself!":



Other students helped with the organisation of activities. George Lupu created a presentation film about the Romanian modern history and relevant Romanian figures.


We also contacted local professionals to help us with the film-making aspect of the exchange.