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The Polo LicealeStatale “Raffaele Mattioli” located in Vasto, a town in the south of Abruzzo is a modern secondary school specialized in a wide range of academic subjects.
it was established in 1960 as the first Liceo Scientifico (secondary school with an emphasis on Science and
Maths) in Vasto and the neighbouring area. Over the following years, this school steadily increased its number of students, as a consequence of the growing awareness of the importance of scientific subjects in a society more and more dominated by technology and as an acknowledgment of the professional commitment of its teachers and administrative staff.

As the result of the reform of secondary education, two new courses have been added:

   - The “Applied Sciences” course, which offers students a deeper insight into the world of science.
   - I.C.T is one of the core subjects
   - A Music course of study where different musical instruments, singing and composition are taught.
   - Nowadays.

The result is a real high school pole, firmly anchored in traditional education and, at the same time, strongly projected towards the challenges of modernity.

The school is characterized by a number of projects such as the annual Science Festival - a cultural event held once a year in the Institute where scientists from Italian and foreign Universities and Research Centers share their experiences with the students and their parents - the participation in various competions– Mathematics, Science, I.T. – Cambridge Esol courses and international exchanges with partner schools in Western Australia and England . We also have a drama club and students are encouraged to use their creativity and I.T. skills to produce short films/clips and PPT presentations on different themes.

Every year the school organizes guided visits to museums and both local and national cultural events. The high academic level of Polo Liceale Raffaele Mattioli is the result of the teachers’ continuous effort to motivate the students by using a competence-based approach.

We feel sure that this project, through the medium of film, which is familiar with and appealing to the students, will lead to a better knowledge of the diversity of European countries and their similarities , to understand them, to fight agains prejudices.