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The Leon Kruczkowski Secondary School was established 64 years ago. There are about 400 students aged 16 to 19 and 35 teachers in our school. The school offers excellent learning conditions for all the students, including the disabled ones. Effective work of qualified teachers, active methods, motivation of students and extracurricular activities guarantee our school high quality of teaching and prestige in our city and region. Many of our students make excellent school results, take part in competitions of all kinds proving their skills and talent, our graduates get into good universities, home and abroad - and these are the most important indicators of quality of the school. Our students are open to the others’ needs and some volunteer in different charitable activities, take care of the disabled, the elderly and people with special needs.

One of the main priorities of our school is to develop and implement project proposals which help to introduce successfully modern pedagogical and methodological approaches. The active participation of teachers and students in the project contributes to the students’ personal development, abilities, skills, their talents and their own self-development. A society with people who gained their self-esteem and developed their skills is one which gained its own self-worth and consequently its right place in this world. That’s the biggest benefit we could have.

Our city is situated in the south part of Poland in the Silesian region where development of the industry led to an inflow of people from all parts of our country. Our city is an example of patchwork of cultures of indigenous inhabitants and incoming population. Recent economic and market changes including closing factories resulted in an increasing unemployment rate and parents immigrating to European countries to work there. Unfortunately, it is reflected in our students’ financial situation. We are struggling to find ways to motivate our students to learn hard.

We are aware that new interesting methods of teaching/learning could move the students' minds into taking responsibility for their education. That’s why we think that films will be the source of discovering the world and getting insight into different things. The other reasons we joined the project are mostly to make new acquaintances, get to know other cultures, share with our teaching/ learning experience and get new ideas to make our work/studies more efficient.

Thanks to the multilateral project we want our students to feel as a part of the European community and create some rules regarding tolerance and respect for diversity. The participation in the Erasmus+ project will allow us to show our actions and activities as well as to get to know something about the experience of our foreign partners.


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