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Our school is a private institution that serves 450 students. The school staff is made up of 33 teachers who apply formal education. It is a high school and the aim is to prepare students for higher level education and institutes. Our aim is to grow new generations as the open-minded people of the 21 st century, having self-confidence and self-awareness. We want to make a difference in education through their success and teach them basic knowledge, experiences and abilities that they need in order to keep up with the world that changes continuously and at a fast pace. Our mission is to grow students who have high self-esteem, dedicated to their principles, who are open minded, willing to learn and open to innovations, creative, think critically, who have both traditional and contemporary knowledge of their own values and culture, a developed social and cultural awareness.

The school is new, so it has never been involved in EU projects. The teachers that take part in the project are experienced in their branches and have strong communication abilities.

Șenol Okumuş is the legal representative who will be head of the management team.

Koray Ormancı is a Math teacher. He will manage the financial issues, alongside of the legal representative and the contact person.

Murat Girgin is the foreign language teacher who will occupy the position of contact person and coordinate the activities in the school.

Mehmet Yazıcı is the student advisor who will help students in the development of project activities, supervise them and assist them in the choice of topics for the films - he will be in charge of the monitoring and evaluation throughout the project.

The Philosophy teacher Gülay Küçüksolak teaches students how to interpret different beliefs and opinions. She will be in charge of the dissemination in this project.


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